One Day in September – Movie

DVD coverI borrowed the DVD of “One Day in September” from the local library. The subject of this documentary (released in 1999) is the kidnapping and later murder of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympic games.

I was 14 years old at the time of the events and my strongest memory is the image of a hooded Palestinian standing at an angle on a balcony. In 1980 I visited the site of the Munich games as part of a Contiki tour of Europe.

The film uses archival footage, musical montages, films of Munich today, interviews with family members, and the most bizarre interview of all, the sole surviving terrorist, Jamal Al Gashey, currently hiding somewhere in Libya.

The terrorists were part of an organision named Black September and their intention was to bring the Palestinian struggle to world attention using the Munich games as their forum. Howevever their mission did not go to plan and ended in tragedy. It was frustrating to learn how the Germans had failed to provide proper security at the Games and even more frustrating to learn how they botched up their dealings with the terrorists.

I wanted to learn more about the event and borrowed the book “One Day in September” by the journalist Simon Reeve. I highly recommend the film to learn about this horrific event.


Author: charuzu

I live in Sydney and interests include music, piano playing, technology, cooking, English language, public speaking, Toastmasters, Asian culture (especially Japan and Korea), cinema, personal development, productivity and making friends with people from around the world.

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