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At lunchtime today,  I visited the North Sydney branch of St George Bank. It has been over two years since I was last there as I manage to do all my banking using the St George web site.

The old familiar line of people waiting for service has vanished! The branch has been refurbished with a fancy touch screen display greeting me at the entrance with a choice of activities. I  pressed the “Deposits and Withdrawals” label and was rewarded with a ticket printed with a large number . Comfortable couches surrounded a central open office and this is where I sat and watched a large display indicating the ticket numbers served by each counter. Corporate messages and friendly images were shown between the ticket numbers.

I thought I was waiting the airport as a friendly female announced “Counter 3 is now serving ticket number 403…” I went to my designated counter and a friendly bank teller deposited my cheque and answered my question.

I like this democratic, computer-assisted method of minimising waiting time and maximising customer satisfaction. I hope that the ticketing system recorded the time I was called in order to capture statistics on my waiting time. Perhaps the next version of the ticket display will show the average waiting time and predictions for the best time to visit the branch?

What will they think of next?