TED Talks

TED Talks
TED Talks

In the last few months I have heard about “TED Talks” from three completely different sources.

A colleague told me about a talk by a scientist who could manipulate DNA strings like origami. A friend told me about some fascinating talks on the brain and two books (Presentation Zen and Slideology) made reference to many inspiring talks.

So what is TED? TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is an exclusive annual conference in the United States where attendance is expensive and by invitation only. Fortunately the talks have been recorded in high quality video and available on the TED web site.

I have watched many thought-provoking and fascinating talks by Seth Godin (marketing), Malcolm Gladwell (author of The Tipping Point), and Amy Tan.

New talks are released each week so I keep up to date with the TED blog.

I encourage you to watch these talks and help spread the great ideas.

Author: charuzu

I live in Sydney and interests include music, piano playing, technology, cooking, English language, public speaking, Toastmasters, Asian culture (especially Japan and Korea), cinema, personal development, productivity and making friends with people from around the world.

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