Autofocus Task Management System

I uploaded my first presentation to Slide Share. The topic is how I use the Auto Focus Task Management system developed by Mark Forster.

I wanted to create a comic book/graphic novel feel so I used a free comic book style font downloaded from I created the presentation in Powerpoint then made a PDF file (to include the font) then uploaded to Slideshare which created the show automatically.

You can see the slide show at Slideshare.



  1. Charles, i’ve watched the slideshow – it is great! I liked the way you assess yourself each week to see whether your system works at the present or not.

    Can you describe thoroughly how do you use org-mode? Like lisp settings in .emacs, keybindings, tricks etc. I used planner for a sometime, but recently found org-mode more appropriate for Autofocus (and org-mode is more intuitive, imho).

    Thank you very much for the slideshow again (=

    Best wishes.

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