How to dispose of a dead donkey

I was once fond of saying  “If the horse is dead, get off it”, meaning walk away from anything that doesn’t support you, your enjoyment of life and/or your personal growth.

However after giving consideration to the entrepreneurial nature of the following story, I now amend that to “get off and see how much you can get for it.”

Harry bought a donkey from a farmer for $100, arranging to collect it the following day. When Harry called to collect his donkey, the farmer said that it had died the night before.  He refused to return the money saying that, as Harry had paid him the day before, it had been Harry’s donkey when it died.

Harry then demanded the farmer hand over the carcass of the deceased animal, explaining that he would raffle it. The farmer said that would not work, but Harry insisted it would as he would not mention that the donkey was dead.

A week or so later the farmer rang Harry to ask how the raffle went and was told it was a great success as 400 tickets had been sold for $2.00 each. The farmer was amazed that no one had complained about a dead donkey being raffled.

Harry said, “Well the winner did, so I gave him his $2.00 back.

Harry is now considering offers from a major political party and several financial institutions, who want him to advise them on financial policy.


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