Table Topics for Beginners

Most of us are quite comfortable speaking in social situations.  But what happens when you are the centre of attention and everyone in the room is waiting for you to speak? That’s why you joined  Toastmasters – to develop these skills.

This article is about a section of the meeting which you either  Love or Hate – Table Topics.

Table Topics is impromptu speaking –  giving a short speech without much time to prepare. We use Impromptu speaking in our daily lives and it is a vital skill for success and growth.

Job interviews. Most us in this room have been in job interviews. We are asked questions and we respond as convincingly and enthusiastically as possible.

We speak impromptu in Social situations – and we  ask questions of other people.
What sort of work do you do?  What did you do on the weekend? Why did you join Toastmasters? How would you answer these questions?

In the workplace we need to speak in meetings with our manager or in a team meeting.

Speaking clearly, confidently and convincingly in all of these situations is a essential for personal growth and success.

What is a table topic?

A table topic is a mini-speech of 40 to 60 seconds. I  call it a speech because your response should have a definite opening,  a body and a strong conclusion.    The body of the speech can be a story – or you could talk about the positive and negative sides of the question  or give an example.

You don’t have to be highly creative, extremely funny or deeply profound – the only requirement is to stand up here and speak for about a minute.


It is possible to  prepare for Table Topics. Remember when you went for that job interview? I am sure you researched the company, the job description and rehearsed answers to some questions you might be asked like “Why do you want to work for us?”

Toastmasters  meetings have a theme which is used by the Table Topic Master. For example,   today’s theme is Dreams. You can prepare for today’s session by thinking of five possible questions then practice responding. How about “What is your biggest dream?”.  By doing this, you will activate your memory by recalling things about dreams.   So my first tip is to rehearse possible questions .


Probably the biggest fear for new Toastmasters is not knowing what to say!   How do we get ideas for a topic? Our memories work by association and the best way to recall something is to ask yourself some questions . When the Table Topics  master welcomes you – repeat the question, pause, then ask yourself “What  images come to mind?” and “What does this question remind me if? “ Maybe you can think of a story or episode in your life.   So this is my  second tip – asking your memory.

Lie like a politician!

So what happens when you really don’t know what to say.  In Table Topics you don’t have to tell the truth – you can make up your response. Be as creative as possible. We probably won’t know if you are making it up anyway.

You can be more adventurous and ridicule the Table Topics  master.  You can talk about a different topic  something in parallel or maybe the opposite. Imagine you are asked to comment about the Australian Open Tennis – you haven’t been watching it so you talk about your experiences learning tennis as a teenager.

My third tip is to Lie like a Politician. Don’t worry about the question – this is Table Topics not a Police investigation!


A genuine concern for new Toastmasters is Fear – the fear of not knowing what to say – the fear of looking stupid in front of the audience. Fear and worry are going to  paralyse your brain and stop your thinking . If you them into your thinking, you will become like a deer in the headlights  and unable to move.

You need to take a different approach. Approach your Table Topic with the intention of having fun and to enjoy the experience of entertaining the audience with your response.   Allowing the spirit will relax you and enhance your creativity.

In summary, take your time in starting your response. Take a deep breath, think of just one thing to say, maybe a story, restate the question to get you speaking and release some nervous energy, then start speaking.

Embrace the challenge of Table Topics, have  fun and enjoy yourself.  There is nothing to be afraid of and the benefits will be life changing.

This is a Mind Map I made of this material when I was preparing the speech.

Click to view full size.


Author: charuzu

I live in Sydney and interests include music, piano playing, technology, cooking, English language, public speaking, Toastmasters, Asian culture (especially Japan and Korea), cinema, personal development, productivity and making friends with people from around the world.

3 thoughts on “Table Topics for Beginners”

  1. Some great tips here, I’m particularly intrigued by the suggestion “What images come to mind?” I have never done this before (probably because my mind is going at a 100mph) but will give it a try:o)


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