Social Bookmarking with Delicious

How do you manage all the URLs you access each day in your browser?

How can you access these bookmarks on different computers – home computer, office computer of your phone?

And how can you share these bookmarks and find similar web sites?

A new method of storing, managing and searching bookmarks became available online – social bookmarking. This is a service where you save your bookmarks to an online service along with a description and one or more tags to help find it later.

When web browsers first became popular a variety of programs were available for managing your bookmarks. A bookmark is a URL and descriptions, for example I could have a bookmark named WordPress which has a URL of The bookmarks were organised into a hierarchy which soon became unwieldy and hard to navigate. Categorising bookmarks with tags is more flexible than using a hierarchy as mutliple classifications are now possible.

Delicious eliminates the need to install special software or rely on information stored on your computer. The boomarks are stored by Delicious and accessible on any computer. I can save a bookmark at the office then access it at home.

This is how it works. First of all I had to register an account at then set up links on the browser bookmarks toolbar for fast bookmarking and displaying my page of links. This is described in the help on the web site.

Imagine I am now reading the following article and I decided to bookmark it. In the screen capture below I have highlighted the Bookmark button for bookmarking and the Delicious link to view my links.

To bookmark a page I click the Bookmark button. A dialog box is displayed.

1. Change the title and description if required.

2. Add any notes or descriptions to the text box.

3. Enter tags by typing words with a comma to separate the keywords. I typed Writing,Blogging which added two keywords of Writing and Blogging. Sometimes a web page suggests tags to use.  Note that it is a acceptable to have spaces in the tags, for example Prime Minister. This is why the commas are needed to separate the tags.

4. Click the checkbox at the bottom if you want to keep this bookmark private. It won’t be shown in your public profile.

5. Click Save

View the saved bookmark by viewing your Delicious home page. In my case I click the Delicious button to open my ozcaveman page – click the link to view the page in a new browser window.

This is how the page looked after I saved the bookmark. Click the image below to view full size.

So what can I do at this page?

Search for links by using the Search dialog box at the top of the screen.

Search for links with a tag. Click the Blogging tag and the display is refreshed with all links with the tag of Blogging.

All my tags are shown on the right hand side with a usage count. Each link shows the number of saves. Click the link labelled with the number of saves then you can read other people’s notes about this link. You can click on their username to view their links – maybe you will find something in common with them.

Sharing Links by Tag

It is easy to share links with others. Add a tag to your home page URL to make a link to all your bookmarks with this tag. For example the link shows all the bookmarks I have tagged with Piano.

Multiple tag searches can be made  by using a plus sign. For example, shows links with tags of Piano and Prodigy. Click the link to see the Piano Prodigies I have tagged.


A new feature of Delicious is the ability to create a Stack which is a more friendly interface to a set of links. Stacks can be shared and followed with Facebook and Twitter.

Here is an example of a stack I created showing resources for learning Korean (my latest area of interest).

Have fun with Delicious – it is very useful resource for gathering and sharing information.

Author: charuzu

I live in Sydney and interests include music, piano playing, technology, cooking, English language, public speaking, Toastmasters, Asian culture (especially Japan and Korea), cinema, personal development, productivity and making friends with people from around the world.

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