Tweaking my earphones

My earphones are labelled L and R so  that I know which earphone should go into my right ear, and the which one for the left.

The manufacturers have labelled the earphones but in such a small typeface, that only a teenager with 20/20 vision can read team.

Since I often use my iPod when I am on a walk, and usually without my glasses, I have to guess which way the earphones should be fitted.

I was thinking about how to solve this problem  and decided on a very simple but effective solution.

All I had to was clearly identify the Left ear piece and attach a small piece of electrical tape.  This small enhancement is an example of a tweak – fine-tuning or adjusting a complex system, usually an electronic device. Tweaks are any small modifications intended to improve a system.

Some people may refer to such a change as a hack – a small modification made to a system to improve its operation.  More recently this could also be called a life hack – that solves an everyday problem in a clever or non-obvious way.

Read the Small Print

This is a closeup photo of the earpiece. Perfect vision or a magnifying glass is required to read the small print.

Further Information

More information on Wikipedia about Tweaking and Life Hacking.


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