A few evenings ago, I had the unfortunate experience of being within earshot of a very heated phone call on the train. A woman aged in her mid 20’s was discussing what sounded like the guest list for her upcoming wedding.

She was talking incessantly about how stressed she was at another event where her friends had brought their young child. Obviously the child had unsettled her highly strung personality.

“Why can’t they get a babysitter!”, she shrieked into her Blackberry, her iPad held tightly with her left hand.

She then added, “I am going to write on the invitation, do not bring your children!”.

It was obvious she was trying to organise the perfect day with a perfect, well-behaved group of friends and family. What a pity she was so out of touch with reality that this world consists of adults, children and babies.

She was oblivious to the irony of annoying everyone on the carriage with her selfish bitching and complaining. I decided to move elsewhere on he train as I value my commuting time for reading a book, not listening to personal phone calls.

I told my daughter about this woman, and she said, “What a bridezilla!”. That was a new word for me, but the meaning is clear combining the Japanese monster Godzilla with a bride.

I found this definition on dictionary.reference.com:

bridezilla (noun, slang). a bride-to-be who focuses so much on the event that she becomes difficult and obnoxious

Etymology:  1995;         blend of bride + God zilla