I love my local library.

I have been regularly borrowing books, CDs and DVDs for the last 7 years of my working life here in North Sydney.

I also have a growing collection of books which I have purchased from AbeBooks, Amazon or local book fairs.

I decided to have a break from library borrowing and read the books I have on the subjects that are important to my life at the moment.  I also want to enjoy listening to the music I have and watch the backlog of movies I have in my collection. My most recent DVD purchase was David Attenborough’s Life on Earth and I want to see all 13 episodes by the beginning of August when we go to see David Attenborough at the State Theatre.

Today was the first day that I had nothing on loan. I do confess to having placed a reservation on a book which the library has ordered:  Guitar Zero  – The New Musician and the Science of Learning.  Hopefully it will be several weeks before this book is available for loan, giving me time to read some on my own books.

It is good to have a break from something we do regularly. For me it was borrowing from the library.

Is there an activity you could stop for a few weeks and do something else while you take a break?