The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently released some data from the 2011 Census. You can view this information on this web page.

These were the most interesting statistics for me:

Australia’s total population is 21.5 million with almost even numbers of men and women.

The median age of people in Australia was 37 years. Children aged 0 – 14 years made up 19.3% of the population and people aged 65 years and over made up 14.0% of the population.

Nearly 70% of people were born in Australia, then England (4.2%), New Zealand (2.2%) and China (1.5%). That last figure means 322,000 Australians were born in China, the largest Asian country represented in Australia.

Just over half (53.7%) of households have both parents born in Australia. Our house has one parent born overseas (Japan). About one third of Australians have both parents born overseas. Australia is certainly a country of migrants!

The largest religious affiliation is Catholic (25.3%) followed by No Religion (22.3%). I didn’t see any statistics for people of Hindu, Jewish or Islamic faiths.

The largest non-English group is Mandarin (1.6%), which means 336,410 people speak Mandarin. This is certainly a good reason for learning Mandarin! Cantonese was 1.2% of the population, but I am sure many people can speak both languages.

As for families, a couple with children (that’s my situation) are 44.6% of the population. On average each family has 1.9 children (we have 2 children in our family, so we are close!).

I am looking forward to more data becoming available, especially raw data which I can analyse with the latest statistical and data visualisation tools.