For many years I have been a fan of Earl Grey tea from Twinings Tea. Recently I discovered Monks Pear Tea from a company called Adore Tea and then I tried the blend from T2 tea.  The main flavour is from the bergamot but what makes it different is the addition of pear flavours.

Bliss! This is now my favourite blend of tea.  Here is a description from the T2 web site

Big, bold and sweet, yet surprisingly humble, a black tea blend with sweet jasmine blossoms, classic bergamot and crisp pear flavours. Pear is there from the outset, but the floral bergamot finish lingers for lovely effect. An almost full-bodied, heavier fruity black that takes a traditional Earl Grey and gives it a fabulously fruity twist.

Read more on the T2 web site and be sure to like their Facebook page which is how I found out about this tea!