Introducing the guzheng – 古箏 – Chinese zither

The Guzheng (古箏) or Zheng is a Chinese musical instrument similar to the zither. It has a set of strings which are plucked with the fingers while the player can press the strings for extra effects such as vibrato and pitch bends.

I am very fond of the sound of this instrument as it conveys  a very “Chinese” feel to the music.Listen to this performance of  Spring River Flower Moon Night 古筝 – 春江花月夜

Here is my arrangement of a traditional Chinese song called Jasmine Flower. The instrument is a piece of software called String Studio from Applied Acoustics which models the sounds of plucked instruments.  I arranged the piano music to make a MIDI file – follow the music on this PDF file:  The Jasmine Flower.

Now listen to  Beautiful Flower under the Full Moon 古筝 – 月圆花好

The other instrument which is particularly “Chinese” is the erhu. Here is a performance of both guzheng and erhu in a piece titled  Winter Crows Playing in Water 寒鸦戏水

More information on the Guzheng can be found on Wikipedia.



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