The awesome iPhone calendar app

Since I made the switch from Android to iPhone I have been learning to use the apps bundled with the phone.  The Calendar app has turned out to be far more useful than I had imagined. And since it is an Apple program it works seamlessly with other apps to make the iPhone a very useful device.

Yesterday, the iPhone proved its worth to get me to a lunchtime meeting of technical writers. I realised that the venue was different but I didn’t know the address. All I had to do was open the Calendar and read the address in the event details. The app interpreted the address as a place name and turned it into a link.  I clicked the link to open the maps application and found my destination of 25 Berry Street.


(click the image above to view a larger version)

The beauty of the Calendar is that it brings in information from all my calendars into one interface. I don’t use  iCloud but instead I  have connected to my Gmail/Google  account for personal events, and to my company Exchange server for meetings and other events.  I get reminders about events, and all the information is available in the iPhone.

My next project is creating a Google calendar of Birthdays and Anniversaries so this information is available in the phone.  But did you know the Calendar app also reads birthdays from your Contacts? Total integration!


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