Hey Jude – The Single (45 rpm)

titleIn a recent post I listed my favourite Beatles songs. At the top of the list is Hey Jude. It just so happens that I own a 45 rpm single of this song and it is in reasonable condition.

Considering it would be just over 40 years old I thought it might be worth something so I checked eBay (click the link to seach eBay) and found a few copies at very low prices. I have decided to keep the single for nostalgic reasons.

In this post I share scans of both sides of the single, its packaging and a book of piano sheet music.

Click on an image to view at full size.

The A-Side in sleeve


And here is the B-side – the song is “Revolution”. I like how the label shows a cut apple.


This is the single outside of the sleeve


Sheet Music

I borrowed a book of Beatles music from the library.


Here is the first page of Hey Jude:


Listen to the Music

Go to my article of favourite Beatles songs where you can find the YouTube link to Hey Jude and other great songs.


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