My Life with Movies – a digital story

My life with MoviesThis is the video I submitted as my project for the Digital Storytelling online course from the University of Houston.

This story shows how technology has affected the way I have watched and enjoyed movies. This includes cinema, television, VCR, DVD, computers, internet and now iPad.   As technology develops how will the experience of watching movies change and affect the relationship with film?

Watch the video and see for yourself. The duration is 5’33” and you can read the transcript later i n the article.

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When I was a child I enjoyed watching Television. Sunday night was the highlight of the week because my brother and I watched Disneyland.

During my school days I enjoyed watching programs like Gilligans Island, Lost in Space and Doctor Who. I also liked watching movies. My school days were well before the time of VCRs and DVD players.

Television was an important medium for live news. I remember watching the Apollo 11 moon landing. Our school as in the assembly hall, and we watched a solitary black and white television displaying this historic broadcast.

In my high school days I didnt have much time for watching TV as I was busy with school work. I did like to watch comedy programs and my favorites were Australian comedy shows like the Aunty Jack show and British comedies like Monty Python.

Throughout my life I have used television to watch movies, learn about current affairs from news broadcasts, be entertained with drama series, watch the occasional sports broadcast like the Olympics or summer tennis.

I became interested in movies from around the world when I was university. I used to watch movies at the university theatre. I loved watching these classic movies on the big screen films like Taxi Driver and new releases like Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

After graduation I started work and had free time and money to spend. I would watch movies at cinemas specializing in world movies. My favorite cinema was the Glebe Valhalla no longer in existence their program of movies was an important document to be displayed on the refrigerator as this helped me plan my social life.

When a multicultural TV station started in 1983 I could see movies in the comfort of my own home. This was still before the days of video recorders. I would write the details of movies in my diary after I had read the TV guide so I remembered to watch them. Sometimes it was a challenge staying awake because the movies started at 9.30 pm and I had to get up early for work.

Once I got a Video recorder, I could record the movies and watch at a more convenient time.

Fast forward to the present. I can now watch movies in many ways DVDs replaced video tapes around 15 years ago. The quality is far superior and there is no need to rewind or fast forward tapes.

I can watch some movies on YouTube, rent them on iTunes, borrow DVDS from the library or friends or buy DVDs. Now I can watch movies when it is convenient to me.

The computer has now replaced the television as my entertainment machines. I can watch DVDs, or go online to get the content. I dont need a television any more

I sometimes think about the old days of movie going the anticipation of seeing a classic film at the cinema, knowing it will only be screened a few times. This made going to see a film a very special event.

I wonder what new generations of film goers will think of the classic films when instead of seeing a film on the big screen in a darkened theater, they watch on an iPad or smart phone or laptop computer.

I will never forget the impact of films on the big screen 2001 Space Odyssey and the musical fanfare of Richard Strausss Also Sprach Zarathustra.

These are true moments in my life with film — from the big screen at the cinema to the computer and now to portable computing devices. I wonder how future generations will experience movies? I dont think it matters too much as long as people can continue to enjoy the great cinematic masterpieces.

Author: charuzu

I live in Sydney and interests include music, piano playing, technology, cooking, English language, public speaking, Toastmasters, Asian culture (especially Japan and Korea), cinema, personal development, productivity and making friends with people from around the world.

7 thoughts on “My Life with Movies – a digital story”

  1. Very well done! And, a side value of your piece is for future Cave generations: not only will they thus know something about you, but may themselves be introduced to the magic of cinema (whatever that may well be in their time).

  2. Hello, thanks for sharing this and for mentioning the digital storytelling class; it looks like something I’m interested in as well. But I couldn’t get your video to play. Is it still posted?

  3. These are the comments from the peer assessment phase –

    Peer 1: I can hear that you are a true fan of movies and there is very much richness in your story. Also, you have one of the clearest voices I ever heard in a video – Pure Talent, and well practiced! I think 3 points can improve your video a lot: One is to speed up the video and speech – it will better support the enthusiasm. The second is emotion and stories. Where you mention a lot of movies that you like for instance, you could say a little more on what parts you liked an why – parts everyone remembers The third point concerns your point of view: is digital and at home a good evolution? Or, should try and keep movie theater traditions, where perhaps we had our 1st love affair? Or is your point that is does not matter – as long as there are movies. Looking forward to your next version.

    Peer 2: I enjoyed your story a lot especially since I could relate to most of it. I am not sure I know what the dramatic question is but I also don’t know that it is required since I found it was more of a walk down memory lane than a response to any question.

    Peer 3: Well done, nice story. If It were my Digital Story, I might to make it little bit more dynamic.

    Peer 4: You created an excellent digital story. The images were appropriate and used in a very creative way. The music nicely complemented the story. Great job.

  4. Dear Charles,
    I’s be grateful if you could let me have an email address to which I could send a formal request to use an extract from your blog in a new textbook to be published by Cambridge University Press in South Africa.

    Many thanks,
    Patricia Rademeyer
    on behalf of Cambridge University Press, P.O. Box 50017. Waterfront, 8005, Cape Town, South Africa.

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