Irregular English Verb list

Irregular Verbs
Irregular Verbs

A big challenge for people learning English is remembering the many common irregular verbs.   Native speakers probably don’t think about how verb tenses are made.  Irregular verbs can be confusing!  Swim, Swam, SwumRead, Read, ReadGo, Went, Gone.

The purpose of this post is to share an A4 sized chart I made of 147 irregular verbs, Click the link to download the PDF: Irregular Verb list PDF file

Did you know the most common irregular verbs are be, do, have, go, get, say, see, think, make, take, come and know?

Grammar Refresher:  Regular verbs become past tense (and past participle) by adding “ed” to the infinite form (the base verb) – I cooked pizza for dinner.  There are some exceptions for spelling: If a verb ends in -e, you add –d.  If a verb ends in a vowel and a consonant, the consonant is usually doubled before -ed.





Author: Charles

I live in Sydney, Australia and my interests include music, playing piano and ukulele, cooking, English language, public speaking, Indonesian language and culture, Asian culture (especially Japan and Korea), cinema, personal development, productivity and making friends with people from around the world.

One thought on “Irregular English Verb list”

  1. Thank you for sharing this list of irregular verbs. When I studied the language I paid extra attention to “exceptions to the rules,” and evrything irregular like verbs, in this way the rest is easy to learn. I bet you must be a diligent English teacher and an effective one.

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