The Top 12 albums of my 20’s

Previously I posted the list of the 10 most significant albums in the first 18 years of my life. Here is the next instalment of my musical exploration of albums discovered between the ages of 18 and 27. I chose 12 albums because it was too hard to restrict the list to 10 albums.

I have listed the albums by the year of their release but this wasn’t the order in which I discovered them.

Yes – Close to the Edge (1972) – British progressive rock band with Rick Wakeman playing keyboards, Steve Hower guitar, Chris Squire bass and Jon Anderson vocals.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer (ELP) – Trilogy (1972) – another British progressive rock band with Keith Emerson playing keyboards including Moog synthesiser, grand piano and organ. Greg Lake is singer and guitarist and Carl Palmer on drums and percussion.

GenesisA Trick of the Tail (1975) – another great British progressive rock group. Unfortunately their later albums become very commercial and uninteresting.

Steeleye Span – Commoner’s Crown (1975) – British folk rock group bringing new life to old English and Scottish folk songs with electric guitars and the magical voice of Maddy Prior. I saw them in concert in Sydney in 1982.

Oxygene – Jean-Michel Jarre (1976) – French keyboard and synthesiser wizard. This album really brought instrumental electronic music to the pop world.

Yes – Going for the One (1977) – I had to include another Yes album. It has two amazing songs: Turn of the Century, and Wonderous (sic) Stories.

Kraftwerk – The Man Machine (1978) – German electronic music. Robotic and hypnotic. I discovered Kraftwerk with their album Autobahn.

Thriller – Michael Jackson (1982) – I have to admit I became quite a fan of Jackson’s music. Great songs, well produced with a good pop sound.

Upstairs at Erics – Yazoo (1982) – Synthpop meets soul. The voice of Alison Moyet and keyboards by Vince Clark.

Koyaanisqatsi – Philip Glass (1983) – The film of the same name introduced me to the music of Philip Glass. I was so excited to find this record. I saw the film twice in the cinema and saw Philip Glass at the Sydney Opera House in 1986.

Madonna – Like a Virgin (1984) – I also have to admit I am fan of Madonna. I have many of her albums. This was the first album I heard.

Yumi Matsutoya – Reincarnation – (1983) – I discovered Yumi (also known as Yuming , or her maiden name of Yumi Arai) because I had a Japanese girlfriend who had a cassette of this album. Many years later I bought the CD. I still have the CD but not that girlfriend. Studio Ghibli has used many songs of Yumi Matsutoya in their animations.

2 responses to “The Top 12 albums of my 20’s”

  1. I often play “A Trick of the Tail” on my Home Pod while fixing dinner. Love “YES” as well (Christ Squire was the reason I bought a Rickenbacker 4001 bass in lieu of my Gibsons in 1975) and ELP (Lucky Man is my fave). MJ’s Thriller album is an icon for sure (the legendary Quincy Jones produced it. Not familiar with some of the others, but will check them out. and I am not a fan of that often excessively crass Madona though.

  2. I enjoyed reading your blog especially because you injected humor re your Japanese girlfriend. I would have wanted the link to each song from these albums to have the chance to listen to them. Anyway, thank you for sharing your passion for the different kinds of music.

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