Ode to the Australian pub

An Australian pub

Recently this TV commercial caught my attention because the voiceover is a wonderful poem about Australian pub culture. Listen to the advertisement then read the poem and see if you understand all the language.

To the pub

the local
the front bar
the rubbedy
to the schooies 
to the sevens
to the pots
the pints
the ponies

and the ponies
and the dogs
and to sure things
and shouting 

to the sticky carpet
and roaring fires
to the dance floor
to the cheeky beer
the quiet beer
here, hold my beer
to the G and T
house white
just the light
it's quiet tonight

to in off the black
singlets and skivvies
triple twenties
to the bouncer
the bussie 
the licencee

to the boys
the girls
the old man
the first date
the last date
to wetting heads
to working late
to fallen mates

to gig it long
two dollars
three songs
to the winner
trivia Newton John
to cock rock
and rock gods
to acoustic wonders
wailing wonderwall
to last drinks
taps off
kicking on
house lights
call it a night

to leaving quietly
the sake of the neighbours

to the pub

Please let me know if there are mistakes in the transcription. I wasn’t sure about some words such as “schooies” (schooners).


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