Introducing Vegemite

VegemiteI teach English as a second language. Last week I brought in a jar of Vegemite and a packet of cracker biscuits  for my students to taste.

I wished I could have filmed the reaction of the Chinese teenagers here on a 2 week study tour of Sydney. Their faces expressed disgust!

So what is Vegemite? I prepared a handout for the students as well as showing them an old TV commercial.

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Daylight Savings Time in Australia

daylight_savingDaylight saving is a way for Australians to enjoy more outside activities during Summer evenings. The clocks are put forward one hour on the first Sunday in October then moved back on the first Sunday April.   Daylight saving is not observed in Queensland , Northern Territory or Western Australia.

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G’day Mate – getting started with Aussie English

goodayThis is the first in a series of articles for non-native speakers to understand Australian English, Australian culture and the way us Ausses speak.

In most foreign language courses your first learn to say hello, goodbye and thank you. We will start with the most famous G’day.

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