Charuzu Blog Articles Listed by Category

blogI wrote a Python script to extract information about my blog articles: title, category and date published.

Here is the list for your browsing pleasure. Scroll through the categories and click the  headline to read that article.

I have written 325 articles since December 2006.


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Speaking in Public – Your first Steps

public speakingDo you enjoy speaking in front of an audience?

Does the thought of being on stage fill you with excitement or fear?

Maybe you have chosen to go through life avoiding public speaking. This is not the solution. There are many occasions when speaking to a group is going to benefit your career as well as your friends and family.

Public speaking is an essential life skill especially for being a leader. In your professional life you may be asked to give a presentation at a conference. You may be asked to be the best man at a wedding which requires giving a speech. Maybe you need to give a speech at a 21st birthday party.

There are many speaking opportunities for men and women, both young and old. So how can you overcome your fears and develop these skills?

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Don’t tell me – show me!

Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick

I am presenting at the ASTC (Australian Society of Technical Communicators) Annual Conference in Sydney on the 18th October 2014.

This article gives a summary of my talk and links to useful resources and example videos referenced in my presentation

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Crowd-funding Potato Salad and other Craziness

potato_saladThis is the text of  an editorial I presented at Toastmasters as my “Straight Talk” assignment from the Communicating on Video manual.  The objectives are to effectively present an opinion or viewpoint in a short time, and simulate giving a presentation as part of a video broadcast.

Here is my video recording and speech text. Please leave your comments at  the end of the article.

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30 annoying buzzwords


Click to view the image full size.

I read an article on LinkedIn by Bernard Marr where he lists 30 buzzwords / jargon/ management gobblydegook that annoys him the most. Many of these phrases are in use in my workplace, and probably in yours!

I formatted his list into a block of coloured text – maybe I should get it printed on a T-shirt to wear on casual Fridays?

Read Bernard’s article on LinkedIn.

Willoughby Council should enforce No Smoking in Victoria Mall


Passive smoking continues to be a problem in busy urban areas. State Laws are  in place to restrict smoking in outdoor areas like cafes and at  building entrances.  Local councils have installed signs saying NO SMOKING!

But smokers continue to pollute busy urban areas – pollution of the air,  pollution by dropping cigarette butts as well as pollution of their own bodies.

In 2011 Willoughby Council  implemented a smoke free policy  in the Chatswood pedestrian mall. Despite installing signs nearly two years ago, the policy has had minimal effect. I want to breathe clean air in this busy thoroughfare and I call upon the council to enforce this policy!

You can help by  lobbying  the council for action and calling out the hazards of passive smoking.
A two-pronged approach is needed – increasing smoker’s awareness of the dangers and annoyances of passive smoking and  strict enforcement of outside smoke free areas.

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