Skilled Learners do these 25 things

Skilled learners do the following:

1. Think about their own learning
2. Ask more questions
3. Are process-oriented
4. Can often find their own way, without guidance
5. Always keep the big picture in mind
6. Frequently try new things
7. Make mistakes work for them, not against them
8. Are interested in improving their memory
9. Keep learning
10. Process the same concept in multiple ways
11. Teach others
12. Use previous learning to promote new learning
13. Can turn knowledge into competence
14. Look up answers rather than struggle to remember
15. Are good observers
16. Use testing to boost their own learning
17. Cultivate curiosity
18. Work to understand
19. Know how to live with uncertainty
20. Make knowledge their own
21. Appreciate different perspectives
22. Share what they’ve learned
23. Can explain what they know in ways that make sense to others
24. Have clear objectives
25. Gather information from a variety of sources

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My Life with Movies – a digital story

My life with MoviesThis is the video I submitted as my project for the Digital Storytelling online course from the University of Houston.

This story shows how technology has affected the way I have watched and enjoyed movies. This includes cinema, television, VCR, DVD, computers, internet and now iPad.   As technology develops how will the experience of watching movies change and affect the relationship with film?

Watch the video and see for yourself. The duration is 5’33” and you can read the transcript later i n the article.

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Don’t tell me – show me!

Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick

I am presenting at the ASTC (Australian Society of Technical Communicators) Annual Conference in Sydney on the 18th October 2014.

This article gives a summary of my talk and links to useful resources and example videos referenced in my presentation

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How to do your best in impromptu speaking

This is the second of a two part series on how to succeed in the impromptu speaking contest at Toastmasters. Hopefully this advice will be useful in other parts of your life.

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Impromptu Speech Contests – organisation

This article is a handout for an educational session I gave at my Toastmasters club on the Impromptu Speaking (Table Topics) contests. In this article I talk about the organisation of the contest and in a later article I help you do your best as a contestant.

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My Dry July – please support me!

31-days-dry_please_support_meThis year I decided to participate in the Dry July challenge – 31 days of abstinence from alcohol.

The main objective of  Dry July is raising money to benefit people dealing with cancer.

The flow-on effect is enjoying the benefits of not drinking alcohol and possibly to start some new health and lifestyles habits.

Please consider making a donation to help people currently dealing with cancer.

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Crowd-funding Potato Salad and other Craziness

potato_saladThis is the text of  an editorial I presented at Toastmasters as my “Straight Talk” assignment from the Communicating on Video manual.  The objectives are to effectively present an opinion or viewpoint in a short time, and simulate giving a presentation as part of a video broadcast.

Here is my video recording and speech text. Please leave your comments at  the end of the article.

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