How to increase your English vocabulary

Pile Of Words

As you learn English you face the big challenge of learning and remembering new words and expressions.

How can you increase your vocabulary and become a great communicator in English?

The best strategy is to be exposed to a variety of English through reading, listening and speaking;  writing down new words to help you remember then using these new words in your daily life.

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G’day G’day How ya goin? Aussie Greetings

gdaygdayAustralians are a relaxed, friendly nation and the most famous Australian greeting is G’day (short for Good day).

G’Day, G,Day is a song by Australian country music legend, Slim Dusty. Here is a video of the song and the lyrics which contain some great Australian slang and language.

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How to speak Australian – abbreviate everything!


How to speak Australian? Abbreviate everything!  In this video I share the video by hijosh with a transcription of all the words.

I often show this video to my students. The word list and following questions can be used in an ESL lesson.

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The Pub With No Beer (song)

slip.jpgSlim Dusty was an Australian country music singer-songwriter and recorded many songs about Australia.

The Pub With No Beer song is based on a poem written during World War 2.   Beer was rationed during the war and American serviceman had drunk all the beer in the Day Dawn Hotel in Ingham, Queensland.

Dan Sheahan, a local farmer,  had ridden 20 miiles to  town for a beer and discovered there was none.  He later wrote a poem based on this experience.   In 1956 songwriter Gordon Parsons reworked this into a song and presented it to Slim Dusty.

I included a vocabulary list at the end of this article – useful for ESL students.

Watch Slim Dusty sing the song, and follow along with the lyrics.

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Australian wine language and slang

aussie_wineIn this article I explain the language and slang of Australian table wineranging from grape varieties, bottles and casks, paying corkage at restaurants, and playing goon of fortune in the backyard.

In a previous article I wrote about beer and drinking and many of these words apply to wine. You can read that article here.

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Australian Beer and Drinking Language (Slang)


australian-kangaroo-with-beerDrinking beer is a big part of Australian life.

In this article I explain the language  of beer and drinking in Australia. You will learn some slang as well.  I discuss  wine  in a later  article which you can read here.

So grab a coldie, and enjoy  this article.   Cheers mate!

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Music listening – Transistor radio to Internet jukebox

transistorThis is the story of my life of music-listening and the evolution of technology.  I thought of calling this article “From Transistor Radio to CDs, iPhone, MP3s, streaming audio. and YouTube” but that title is a bit long.

The technology of listening to music has changed enormously in my lifetime of over half a century.

In my childhood I had to wait for my favourite song on the radio or hear the record in a shop or at a friend’s house. Now I can find almost any song easily on YouTube  or play the media file on my computer or phone.

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