How to watch movies online (for free)

MoviesBefore the Internet there were only a few ways to watch movies. I could go to  the cinema, watch television, or hire the videotape. Now that our world has gone digital and movies are encoded as streams of bits, there are many more options available for watching films.  I can find a film online and watch it almost immediately.

I enjoy watching feature films at the cinema but in recent years I only see one or two films at the cinema, usually those best suited to the big screen – for example, Star Wars and Interstellar.

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Teaching, Toastmasters and Korea

TeacherI have been a member of this Toastmasters club (Chatswood Early Risers)  for 12 years.  Why so long?  Haven’t I learn to speak yet? The reason I am here is to keep improving my skills.  Just like an athlete or musician – I need to do regular  practice.

Today I am starting my Competent Communicator manual – for the fourth time And because I am an experienced Toastmaster I like to give back to the club by mentoring new members and evaluating speeches.

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