Australian Government – a brief overview

Australia Coat of Arms

I prepared this article to help my English language students learn about the three levels of government in Australia – Federal, State and Local.

The Parliament of Australia is officially known as the Federal Government or Commonwealth Parliament

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Universal Soldier (song)

Australian soldiers in World War I

ANZAC day is approaching (April 25) here in Australia and I am currently reading a memoir of an Australian soldier who went to Gallipoli and survived to tell the story of this failed military campaign.

I was thinking about popular anti-war songs and Universal Soldier (sung by Donovan) came to mind. I first heard this song in the late 1960s at the height of the Vietnam War.

Universal Soldier was written by a Canadian singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie but the song was popularised by Donovan. In this article I share the lyrics and a video of war images set to the music.

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My top 10 Comedy Movies

Comedy is a very personal thing. You probably have different ideas to me of what is funny. This post is a response to a discussion I had with a friend on our favourite comedy movies. I included two iconic Australian films (Crocodile Dundee and The Castle), British films by Monty Python and Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean), and American films by Robin Williams, Mel Brooks and Mike Myers.

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Australian stereotypes

The Australian male stereotype

What is a stereotype?

A stereotype is a fixed idea or image that many people have of a particular type of person or thing, but which is often not true in reality. Stereotypes are often wrong.  The danger of stereotyping is assuming  that everyone in that group conforms to the stereotype and can lead to prejudice.

For example, when you think of a business man, he is usually wearing a suit and tie, and carries a briefcase.   So when you meet a businessman like Steve Jobs wearing jeans and a black polo necked jumper you can say: He doesn’t conform to the usual stereotype of the businessman with a dark suit and briefcase.

There are stereotypes for different cultures, gender, ages, and race.

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