Integrate Your Interests – from Mindhacker

I have been reading the book Mindhacker by Ron and Marty Hale-Evans. It is a collection of 60 tips, tricks and games to take your mind to the next level.

This blog article is about a Perl script developed by Ron to take two search terms at random from a  file of his “obsessions” then send a query to Google. Each line of text is a valid Google search term, for example, “mind hacks”.

I recoded the script in Python and made it available at the end of this post.   Update: A GUI interface version is now available. Read on!

You can run the script with no arguments (python so two search terms are chosen, or you could add a search term to combine with one of your obsessions. For example python ELearning will fuse the topic of ELearning with one of your obsessions.

I created a batch file ii.bat which contains one line:   python %1 %2

I then created a shortcut to this bat file and placed on my desktop. I changed the icon to a world globe. Now I can double click this shortcut for some random Google search results on my interests and obsessions.

The GUI version shows a dialog box with text entry areas for the two arguments.

Enter one or more search terms then click the Google Search button. A new tab is opened in your browser with the results of the search.  In the above example, I entered Python and the program joined this search with Richard Dawkins from my obsessions file. Click the image below to view actual size.

I have a lot of fun continuously clicking the Google Search button then viewing the results. As I think of more areas of interests I update the obsessions.txt file. Enjoy this hack!

  • The script – save with extension of py  (Command line version)
  • The script – save with extension pyw (on Windows) and update your short cut to run this script. Python on Windows will run the script without a command shell.
  • Read this link if you are having problems installing Tkinter.
  • The original obsessions.txt file from Ron. I will upload my file once I have refined the contents.

Author: Charles

I live in Sydney, Australia and my interests include music, playing piano and ukulele, cooking, English language, public speaking, Indonesian language and culture, Asian culture (especially Japan and Korea), cinema, personal development, productivity and making friends with people from around the world.

2 thoughts on “Integrate Your Interests – from Mindhacker”

  1. The script needs some minor updating for those who are trying to run it after downloading python 3.x – it is now “tkinter” with a lowercase “t” – tkMessageBox is now tkinter.messagebox.

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