Text message abbreviations – which ones do you use?

Message abbreviations

How many of these abbreviations do you use in your messaging? Which abbreviations are not on my list?    TNX M8!

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Ten Favourite Websites

World Wide Web

I was asked to list my 10 favourite web sites. This is difficult to answer as the World Wide Web is an integral part of my professional and personal life.

I have many favourite and interesting sites so here is a selection of ten sites for your exploration.

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How I use Instagram as my photo gallery


Instagram. Isn’t this some sort of social media thing that young people use to share photos of their food, browsing the latest fashions or posting daring selfies?

I like using Instagram which may come as a surprise to younger readers as I am a Baby Boomer and much older than the typical teenager or 20-something who have naturally embraced this social network.

Instagram is my personal photography gallery – a place where I can showcase my work to the world as well as looking at the photos of others.

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The How and Why of taking notes

Notebook of Mark TwainThe dullest pencil is better than the sharpest memory. Mark Twain is meant to have said this, but most quotations on the Internet get attributed to Twain.

I have been taking notes for most of my adult life. Usually these notes are recorded with pen and paper in a hardcover notebook, and more recently I use computers and my iPhone. My inspiration for keeping notes are the notebooks of history’s most well-known scientist, inventor and artist – Leonarda da Vinci. Leonardo Notebook
I like to take notes so I have a record of my life, thoughts and activities. Long term memories can fade and things we think we will remember, like notes from meetings, ideas and people’s names soon get forgotten. My notes are a permanent record of information, ideas and thoughts which can be searched and re-read. I take notes at work and at home and I always have with me a way of capturing notes – a notebook, my computer or my phone. In this article I introduce you to my note-taking systems.

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My Life with Movies – a digital story

My life with MoviesThis is the video I submitted as my project for the Digital Storytelling online course from the University of Houston.

This story shows how technology has affected the way I have watched and enjoyed movies. This includes cinema, television, VCR, DVD, computers, internet and now iPad.   As technology develops how will the experience of watching movies change and affect the relationship with film?

Watch the video and see for yourself. The duration is 5’33” and you can read the transcript later i n the article.

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Don’t tell me – show me!

Stanley Kubrick
Stanley Kubrick

I am presenting at the ASTC (Australian Society of Technical Communicators) Annual Conference in Sydney on the 18th October 2014.

This article gives a summary of my talk and links to useful resources and example videos referenced in my presentation

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Learning to program

MatrixWhat is it like to learn the skill of computer programming? This was the question in a recent online Python programming course. Students were asked to respond to an essay question on the challenges of learning to program, so here are my thoughts.

Some people think computer programming is difficult to learn because they are “not good at logic” or “not a computer person”. Taking an attitude that programming is hard will prevent learning.

Programming is a cognitive skill, like doing mathematics problems, writing English or drawing.  It is possible to learn these skills with the right attitude, perseverance and time to learn and explore.

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